How to Earn Money by Creating Apps for The Wix App Market (248M+ Users) 🧑‍💻💰

7 min readJul 13, 2023
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This is a partnership article that is sponsored by Wix.

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, the concept of traditional employment is undergoing a significant shift.

As freelancing gains popularity and people seek alternative sources of income, there is a growing trend of individuals looking to monetize their skills.

Wix has created Wix App Market to bring new opportunities! It’s a platform that encourages developers to showcase their talent and earn money from developing apps for Wix users, while also offering businesses to connect their services to Wix.

In this article, we will look at how the Wix App Market works, how to submit and price your applications, how you could leverage business solutions, and what types of apps are in demand by Wix users.

I also interviewed Billy Kovalsky, the Head of the Wix App Market, for insights on stats, monetization, growth tips, and plans related to the future.

What’s Wix App Market?

The Wix App Market is a platform that hosts a huge collection of third-party applications for Wix users to enhance the functionality, appearance, and performance of their sites.

Some of the categories include contact forms, booking, analytics, marketing, customer support, e-commerce tools and so much more.

The installation apps do not require any coding knowledge and can be set up on Wix websites by just selecting the application and clicking ‘Add to Site’.

Wix App Market receives a lot of traffic. B.Kovalsky reports that there were over 2.5 million app installs in 2022 alone.

How can developers submit their apps?